How to 'balance' a drumset.

• Dec 20, 2018 - 18:23

The various instruments in a drumset have preset relative volumes. For some scores, I'd like to emphasize one or more of the instruments, but the only way I've found to do this is to create multiple drumsets or add single line staves which isolate the instruments. Does anyone have other ideas for controlling the amplitudes of individual instruments, besides using articulations and dynamics?


The Inspector allows you to change MIDI velocity directly. So, for instance, right-click a given drum note, Select / More / Same pitch, then add an offset to the velocity, to change the volume of all snare notes or whatever.

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I think the question here could be: Is there a way to make your own general volume settings for BD, SD, HH, CYMB, Toms etc?
Because: When you lower the default volume on the note itself, the dynamic signs will not work properly. And in my case I often just want to lower the general volume on the hi-hat to get a more groovy drumset? And then make dynamics.
A third, but time-consuming, way is to give each note its own dynamic sign (and then make the dynamics invisible afterwards) In this score Modul 46 I have made the signs visible for you to see

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Velocity settings are relative and should still honor the dynamics. So that's really the way to go. Select one drum note you think is too loud or too soft, figure out what velocity adjustment works, then right-click the note, Select / More / Same pitch, and apply the setting.

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