Just downloaded MS3-a question?

• Dec 24, 2018 - 21:51

I am looking over the new 3 and it is impressive! Thanks to all those who work on this so tirelessly. It is much appreciated.
Initially, I have a question regarding the start center: Is it possible to bring over from 2 to 3 any special templates I have created? Or, must I create new ones for MS3?
Regards, and Merry Christmas!


You should be able to bring them over, but their style settings may not make much sense in 3.0.
So just try, but be prepared to need to recreate them.

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If I knew how to do that copy thing, that would work. I read the handbook, but it needs a lot more detail-for-dummies like me! I can never find the file location. I did, though, do it the old way as Mike 320 suggested and that works for me.

Thanks, folks.


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