F9 Palette and Master Palette

• Dec 26, 2018 - 13:45

So these are a couple minor issues I've come across in MS 3:

In the Lines section at the Master Palette instead of 8vb, 15ma, 15mb, 22ma and 22mb, there are five copies of 8va. (It's not just that the icons are wrong, they produce wrong lines as well. I mention this because oddly enough, if you copy them to the F9 Palette both the icons and the lines they produce turn up fine).

They seem to have forgotten about the barline that's both "start repeat" and "end repeat" in one (it's not to be found at the F9 Palette or the Master Palette either).

The ability to rearrange the different icons at the F9 Palette you used to have in MS 2 doesn't seem to be working (the one workaround is to eliminate all icons and then add them back from the Master Palette in the order of your pleasing, so it's not that big a deal).

If you choose to enlarge the icons at the F9 Palette, it does so without expanding the palette accordingly, so some icons are left out of reach. As soon as you delete any icon, this is fixed.

While I'm at it I'd like to submit sort of a feature request: does anyone else think the "flip direction" button at the Note Input Toolbar would suit much better at the Beam Properties palette (maybe renaming it "Beam and Stem Properties")? It doesn't have much to do with note input really, it's about their arrangement and display. It's not that big a deal but it's inconvenient to have to memorize which features are placed where you'd expect and which are to be found at counter-intuitive locations.


Are you sure you have MuseScore 3 and not one of the experimental pre-release builds? The palette issues you mention were solved some time ago. Or maybe you created a custom palette with an earlier build? Proabbly you will need to scrap it and start over.

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