Clarinet sound at lower frequencies

• Dec 30, 2018 - 07:31

I noticed that every time I try to use the bass clarinet or any lower clarinet instrument, their sound gets delayed. I don't know if it's that in the sample for the clarinet, there's a minuscule space in the very beginning that gets stretched the lower you go, but it makes composing for lower clarinets really difficult, especially if it requires shorter notes. Could this be fixed?

[An issue in all of 2.0]


This bug is fixed in MuseScore_General version 0.1.4, available here. The fix uses sample offset to quicken the note attack on low notes for both clarinet and flute.

Please note that I have changed the bank assignments for the new ensemble strings. This affects all ensemble Violas, Celli, and Basses presets. Any scores using these strings with version 0.1.3 will need to re-assign the presets in the mixer upon switching to 0.1.4. I apologize for the inconvenience. This was done to better accommodate future expansion, such as the upcoming "expressive" presets that support single-note cresc. and dim.

Features of this release:
* Fixes the following issues: #281732, #280907, #280904, and #272992.
* Improved the dynamic response of the acoustic pianos.
* Re-numbered ensemble strings bank numbers to make room for future expansion.

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