Rare "Viola" sound into MuseScore "Standard" SoundFont file

• Jun 2, 2018 - 22:01

Hi, gang!!!

I wrote a very easy choir arrangement of a very known Christian song: "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms".

It is added into this forum topic.

I used individual strings (violin viola, cello and double bass) as the "instrument" sounds from the MuseScore "standard" soundfont file.

When MuseScore plays the piece, you can hear a very rare effect sound on each E4 from the alto staff (viola sound).

It sounds like... I don't know what, but it isn't a viola sound!!!

Also, into the violin sound, there is a very... rare (or annoying) sound effect when the instrument plays E4 and D4 notes. Something like the violinist loses the "air" (of course, he can not lose it because it isn't a wind instrument, but...)

Please!!! Try to check it and, if it is possible, fix it, Please!!!

Blessings & Greetings from Chile!!!



I have improved the sound of the "Viola E3" sample in MuseScore_General version 0.1.4, available here. I filtered out some annoying high frequencies and softened the attack, as it is a bit percussive by default. Let me know if this helps. Hopefully this will be good enough until we're able to replace the viola samples altogether.

Please note that in 0.1.4 I have changed the bank assignments for the new ensemble strings. This affects all ensemble Violas, Celli, and Basses presets. Any scores using these strings with version 0.1.3 will need to re-assign the presets in the mixer upon switching to 0.1.4. I apologize for the inconvenience. This was done to better accommodate future expansion, such as the upcoming "expressive" presets that support single-note cresc. and dim.

Features of this release:
* Fixes the following issues: #281732, #280907, #280904, and #272992.
* Improved the dynamic response of the acoustic pianos.
* Re-numbered ensemble strings bank numbers to make room for future expansion.

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The only one thing I have to say is I feel the high pitch strings (normal strings, MIDI Number 48) have a too slow attack which let them out of rhythm in some fast parts.

Also, due to the same issue, the fast rhythm figures sound too soft in comparison with the long notes.

Curiously, it is very noticeable into the high pitch zone (the normal, but not desirable, should be into the bass pitch zone).


Whatever, I love wood, brass and percussion instruments sound in the last version!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

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To be clear about the high pitch strings attack, please listen carefully the very well-known sample I attached.

You will be able to hear the noticeable delay of each high pitch string notes.

It is not that way if you use other soundfont files.

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Thanks for the feedback, jotape1960. I will see what I can do to increase the note attack speed. The VSCO2 samples had a pretty slow note attack, which I've already quickened through some sample trickery.

This is one of the difficult things about notation software. Notes need to be fully sounding almost instantaneously. But in order to do this, one must often trim off the natural start of the breath or bow, causing the note attack to sound more artificial. I tried to achieve that balance with the fast strings, but it looks like the note attacks are still a bit too lazy for fast passage work. Without having actual aggressive strings samples, I have my work cut out for me.

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