MuseScore 3 won't take MIDI Input

• Jan 5, 2019 - 02:09

I have no idea where to report this, so here I am in general discussion.
I have an Alesis V25 MIDI Keyboard and it worked for note input in 2.3, but it isn't working with 3. Is it not available in 3.0 yet, or do I need to do something to get the program to recognize the device? Please help. Am noob.


I'm no MIDI expert, but I do know there are issues running both version 2 & 3 with a midi device. If you are doing this, you need to decide which version you want to use the midi keyboard and disable it in the other version or never run the two versions at the same time.

MIDI input in general does work in MuseScore 3. What specifically goes wrong? Did you remember to connect your device and turn it on before starting MuseScore? Is it selected in Edit / Preferences / I/O?

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When I boot up my computer, the first thing I do is plug in the Alesis V25 MIDI interface through USB. Then, I boot up MuseScore 3 and open my most recent score. I open Edit > Preferences > I/O, but I don't even see the keyboard listed as an option in any dropdown menu. I know it isn't the keyboard because I use that same keyboard frequently with Reaper.

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