MuseScore 3 "double sound"

• Jan 5, 2019 - 22:07

When I wrote a piece last night, everything I did was all fine and dandy, and it played back correctly. Coming back to it today, when I play it back, it plays every note twice, almost as if there's two identical pieces playing, one an eighth of a second behind the other. Is this a bug or did I do something?

Edit: This happens on every piece of music I playback. It's always an eighth of a second, no matter what tempo I change the piece to.


You would have to attach you score for us to see if you did something wrong. Please include a list of sound fonts you have loaded.

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The soundfonts I have are:
GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.442.sf2
The problem persists if I have only one of them loaded at a time, but not if I remove both. Then it's these TERRIBLE midi sounds during playback, which I assume is the default if no soundfonts are loaded. Attached is a screenshot of each page along with two .mscz files, the piece in the PNGs and another one I tested sound on (it has the same problem).

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We're both on windows (I'm using 10) and the same MuseScore version but I don't hear it. I'm guessing this is true of all score being played on MuseScore 3, but not in version 2. If so, I suspect it has to do with your sound card. Version 3 is 64 bit and version 2 was 32 bit. This may affect your sound card. If you tell us which sound card you use and make sure your sound card driver is up-to-date someone might have experience with it that could help you.

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So, uh... I'm a massive PC Enthusiast, but I'm also 15, which means whatever my parents happen to choose is what I use. I have an HP AIO running Windows 10 (24-g018) and the soundcard is the Realtek ALC3252, running driver version This doesn't seem to be the problem, however, because for about a week and a half I've been running 3.0 just fine. There haven't been any system updates between yesterday and today, but I checked for updates just now and my Windows version is out of date. I'll update it and reply with whether it helped or not.

I had a similar issue in my Musescore 2 (last version). I was using the sounds of the synthetizer at the same time of the MIDI sounds of the soundcard. You must choose one of these two sounds. To use the synth sounffont sound try setting the MIDI output to a unusued port of your system (do not set to your card midi sounds). Or, alternatively, use your MIDI card sounds, set the synthetizer volume to zero.

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