Backing up files to a memory stick

• Jan 7, 2019 - 21:18

I have maybe an obvious question, but I'm a little unsure of myself so I came here for help. I want to back up all my scores on a memory stick in a way that they are recoverable on musescore and able to be played back and interacted with. Any other ways of backing up scores?


I always have a copy of the scores on a USB stick, with also the portable version of MuseScore.
Useful as a backup copy and to show the program on friends' computers.

Not sure exactly what you are unsure of, but here goes. All you need to back up is the files of the form "foobar.mscz". Put them on a flash drive and if lightning destroys your computer, you just have to download the musescore app onto your new computer, and copy your .mscz files back onto your new computer.

An alternative to a flash drive is one of the cloud storage or automated backup services like Google Drive, or Dropbox. This is probably what you were asking about. I don't use them for backup, as I hate the flavor-of-the-month stuff that stops working after a couple of years.

I locally back up my working .mscz files into a folder called "archive", on the same local HDD/SSD, in case I inadvertently alter them. For serious back up, I currently use a 3 TB My Passport external USB HDD. Every few months I do a backup onto that. Why use a limited size USB stick when you should be backing up everything, not just your ms scores? Once a year I do a full HDD or SSD backup onto the external drive. Sure, I could just do deltas, but like I said, in 10 years time, you're not going to remember your system of deltas. Good to have a primitive full backup. When a new storage paradigm comes along I'll copy my multiple external drives onto it, and continue.

Basically to back up anything on a memory stick, use your operating system's file manager with the stick plugged in. In Windows you just drag them to the memory stick and they will be copied there.

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