Lyrics font style is not diplayed correctly in inspector when changed using style

• Jan 9, 2019 - 22:09
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converting a musescore file from musescore V2, I found my lyrics written in different polices (which was not the case in the initial V2 file).
When applying a unique police in style definition, the change is not visible in the inspector

What is pretty weird is that when you edit a lyric, the police displayed into inspector is not the same that the one displayed in the buttom line of text description.
With the buttom line data, I can see changes of police in my lyrics (not in the inspector)
Changing the police localy for on text using the buttom line command is working fine.

cf screen capture with inspector + buttom line while editing a lyric
in this example inspecor shows a FreeSerif police, while buttom line detects a DejaVu

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I gather that when you use the word "police", you are referring to "alignment" - whether the lyric is center or left aligned? It is normal that all lyrics would show as being centered but would actually be left-aligned if they represent a melisma. This all happens automatically and is nothing you should normally worry about. Or are you saying you are encountering some sort of problem? If so, can you attach your score (not just a picture) and describe what the problem in more detail?

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Title Lyrics police is not diplayed correctly in inspector when changed using style Lyrics font style is not diplayed correctly in inspector when changed using style

From looking at the picture, "police" refers to Font Style. It's not limited to alignment, but includes modifications such as underlining and bold.

Can you explain the problem in more detail?

When I load your score into MsueScore 2, I see the first few syllabls in the default FreeSerif font, then after that they change to "MS Shell Dlg 2". That's because your score actually specifies "CenturySchL" but I don't have that font installed, so a substitution is made automatically. It looks like you made this change using the text toolbar, which is to say, it is a character-level change, not an element-level change. So if you right click and view Text Properties, it still shows FreeSerif. It's the same as if you only changed one letter within the syllable.

When I load the same score into MuseScore 3, the same thing happens. I don't see any obvious difference at all, except now I don't need to use Text Properties to see that the element-level property is still FreeSerif.

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OK, I got the whole thing now :
Actually I started to work on this score with an import of xml file (new file joined)
As you mention, the font type was set in this file as CenturySchl, and with the substitution it turn into Shell Dlg 2 (with MS2) or DejaVu (with MS3)
From that input, I have to change some lyrics which were in some place written in complete sentence, rather than detach by syllabus, an in this extract "manum suam misit":
Ma- num su- am mi- sit

Then those manual changes had been recorded with the default font type, that is FreeSerif. This is I think the origin of the 2 font types in my score.

In conclusion :
I agree this is not a regression as the behavior is the same between MS2 and MS3
However I have been surprised by the different font type displayed in the inspector and in the text tool bar. Then when I tried to change the font type by the inspector, this has no effect, when it works fine with the tool bar. In my understanding, this is because what is displayed in inspector is what is recorded as text style for this type of text, whereas text toolbar display and manage local change of style for this text, is it ?
Then the difference I can see is that in the inspector of MS2, Text font type was not displayed (file capture joined). So no difference could be seen between tool bar and inspector.
Then it look OK for me, I close the ticket

Thanks for your support and explanations

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Thanks for the followup! To be clear: the Inspector (or, in 2.x, the Text Properties dialog) is showing you the font that is applied to the text element as a whole - the default from which the toolbar can be used to change individual characters within the text. The toolbar is showing you the text for the specific character at the cursor position. After all, each character can potentially be in a different font - consider, you might want to make one word of a sentence bold, one letter superscripted, etc. So yes, the toolbar and the Inspector can differ, because the toolbar is telling you about one character in particular, whereas the Inspector is telling you the value for the text as a whole.

FWIW, the toolbar was never the right way to do what you were doing in the first place - you should really have used Text Properties, since you wanted the whole text affected, not just selected characters. Not that it's a problem to use the toolbar that way, and of course, it was arguably easier to do it with the toolbar than to have to right click and bring up Text Properties. Hopefully with te Inpsector in view by default, people will get in the habit of using it more.