Musescore 3 FreeSans bold text rendering

• Jan 10, 2019 - 14:38

Just downloaded version 3 and all my boldfaced freesans titles are rendered very poorly when zoomed out, see the attached image

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musescore3 tekst.PNG 66.47 KB


The reason most probably is that we don't package a Bold (nor Italic or BoldItalic) version of FreeSans (but do for FreeSerif) and that converting a normal font to Bold generally gives rather bad results (not so much for Italic, IIRC)

It is not just Freesans. All Sans-fonts set to bold are rendering bad when zooming out, but when you zoom in, the font is rendered the correct way. Tested fonts are: "EngraversGothic BT" "Freehand591" and "Arial"

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