impossible to run version 3, error message reg. OpenGL 2.0

• Jan 15, 2019 - 12:47
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Luego de inatalar la nueva versión (hoy mismo realicé otro intento) al abrirla aplicación me aparece un mensaje de error. Se los adjunto. Muchas gracias por todo, MuseScore es la mejor, SÓLO LE FALTA UN vIRTUAL SINGER!!

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Title imposible instalar versión 3, mensaje de error impossible to install version 3, error message
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Google translate:
After uninstalling the new version (today I made another attempt) to open the application I see an error message. I attach them. Thank you very much for everything, MuseScore is the best, ONLY YOU HAVE A VIRTUAL SINGER !!

Not sure why that message might show after uninstalling MuseScore 3? Or is that a translation glitch?
(and no, we do not have a virtual singer, not sure why you beleive we have?

The DLLs mentioned in that error message are part of the MuseScore 3 package, found inside the MuseScore 3\bin\ directory, so I don't understand why those are not getting found and used?

Can you try installing todays MuseScore 3.0.1 and see whether that runs?

BTW, this seems not impossible to install version 3, error message bit impossible to run it, right?

Title impossible to install version 3, error message impossible to run version 3, error message

I'm afraid google translate mistranslated several things, and I also expressed myself badly.

The problem does indeed come up when attempting to run MuseScore 3, not when attempting to install it.

(The bit about the virtual singer was also mistranslated. I meant to say the application is perfect, and a virtual signer is the only feature missing from it!)

I've installed MuseScore 3.0.1 and the same message comes up when attempting to run it (and then the program shuts down).

Two of the three libraries it requests are there, but the third (d3dcompiler_* ) isn't. I'm attaching two screenshots with the folder's contents directorio bin 1.png diectorio bin 2.png .

Do you know why it would be missing for me, or any way I could fix it?

Much thanks in advance,