Unable to use Jazz font in Musescore 3

• Jan 16, 2019 - 02:29

I have Jazz fonts installed on my Windows 10 machine that includes Jazz symbols, Jazz Text, Jazz Percussion, etc. None of these fonts are displayed properly in MuseScore 3, but they work fine in MuseScore 2. In 3, every character displays as an empty box. I have uploaded the font set. Any ideas?

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Have you installed these fonts normally? Are you using them as normal text or trying to use them with the chord symbol facility? That won't work unless you also create a custom XML file to tell MuseScore how to interpret the font, which you must then have also done in MuseScore 2 or you'd have had the same problem. Can you attach a score that demonstrates the issue?

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Yes, fonts installed normally. I can use them in other programs such as Word. I am attaching a score created in version 2 and the exact same thing in 3, you can see the results. I used just the standard Jazz Lead Sheet template and tried to set the Title and a Staff Text to JazzText font. In version 2, it works fine. In version 3, they are just boxes.

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Very odd. I checked to see if the issue is the same as #280244: User fonts not visible to MuseScore 3 (Windows 10) but it is not - I have the font in C:\Windows\Fonts and not in AppData. Somehow this specific font seems to have some particular property that allows some programs to access it but not others. We depend on other libraries - Qt and/or freetype - to handle font rendering, so it could be worth pursuing there.

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I think the font problem under Windows is really urgent, because most Musescorians will probably use Windows.
According to Qt issue tracker, the Windows 1809 font bug has been fixed since version 5.12.2 (https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-73241). Krita 4.1.7 seems to list all font types. Jazz font types are displayed correctly and can be used.
Even fonts that are not displayed even though they were installed using the "Install for all users" option can be used in Krita (e.g. Nyala.ttf, which was part of Windows 7+8). I don't know exactly which version of Qt Krita uses, but it is a 5.12+. Maybe another fontengine is used.
The latest MuseScore developer build (MuseScore version revision: 8920c76) uses 5.12.1. There the Jazz and Nyala bugs still exist.

I realize this is a year-old thread (exactly a year, looking at the last comment) but I have having what seems like the same issue. I have the Jazz fonts installed. In my case I just want to use JazzText for titles, lyrics, etc., but it's just displaying as squares. Has anyone found a fix or any other suggestions? I'm running LInux Mint 19.3.

OS: KDE Flatpak runtime, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.4.2., revision: 148e43f

Edit: Qt version 5.12.7

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