can't load saved scores and musescore will crash

• Jan 16, 2019 - 08:13
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S4 - Minor

Unfortunently, I doubt the reader will be able to reproduce the issue, but I will explain the issue to the best of my abilities. I create [my first] score on Musescore 3. I'm sure it was the latest version because I had downloaded it less than an hour ago. I hit save after I want to call it a night. File explorer opens and I go to find a spot to save my score, after a few seconds, Musescore freezes for a few seconds, then crashes. I reopen it "the last project didn't end properly, would you like to recover it?" pops up and I hit yes. it brought me back to my score. I hit save again, but this time saved it as fast as possible because I had figured that if I saved it fast enough, it wouldn't freeze in time and crash (which had happened every time after multiple failed attempts before this particular one.) I successfully save and Musescore crashes right afterward. I check file explorer -> documents ->musescore 3 -> scores: and there is a file named "(the song name).mscz.temp". So I'm happy it saved, but to make sure it really did save, I reopen Musescore, hit no when it asks to reopen the last program, and I try to import the score to see if it worked correctly. On the third or fourth try, (because of the crash when file explorer opens) I manage to get to the file and double click on it. Nothing happened. It made a noise which meant that it wasn't frozen, but that was it. so, I try again, and again. Still, nothing. I get a little worried and decide the next plan of action is to just try to open the file itself, which of course failed. Then I realized that the file was ".temp", and the import does not accept that type of file as you know. Unfortunently, I cant upload the file because it is .temp :/
Ps: I'm on windows 10, and I don't believe that the fact that my computer is slow is a problem because it was the only app open on my laptop. That's about it


The file that you have attached is a partial zip archive, much like a partially-downloaded file. As such, any attempt to extract the contents will prove futile.

Well, only thing that is missing is the thumbnail. Attached the mscx inside ()axtraced with 7zip), which loads just fine.
"Thumbnail missing" might indicate that the crash happend while that was being generated

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