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• Jan 17, 2019 - 22:06

Dear Sirs
I updated my computer with Musescore 3.0
In the edition of a score I need to edit the texts and search for the properties of the text, screen that I am sending attachment, but I do not have the screen available in Musescore 3.0. When I use the mouse on the right side in the highlighted text appeared the Text Properties, now appears Edit element; I can not do more what I did in Musescore 2.3.2
If you have a new command for this, please guide me
Roberto Dal Medico

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You can change the Staff text style if you click on Format->Style and open the window. The last item in the list is Text, click that and you will see another list that includes Staff Text. That is where you edit Staff Text style.

You can also edit one piece of text in the inspector, then press the S to the right of the item you changed to apply it to all text of the same type. This is easier than opening Staff Text style.

The controls in the Inspector are actually more powerful than the old Text Properties window:

  • You can now edit properties for multiple elements at once
  • You can now see the results in real time
  • You can now set any given value to be the default for the style
  • You can keep working on your score with the Inspector visible

As far as I know, there shouldn't be anything you could do in Text Properties that you can not do more easily now. If you are finding there is something you cannot do (or cannot figure out how to do), please let us know what specifically you are having trouble with.

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in 2.3.2 I created a custom text with the system flag checked. I entered my text, and converted it to my system style using the inspector. It automatically underlined, made bold and adjusted the font for what I wanted. In version 3 I have to remember all of the settings and apply them one at a time to an existing system text. When I create parts, the custom system text is applied to each part, this doesn't happen with staff text as you well know. That's one major reason the project will never see version 3 in its current state.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but as far as I can tell, that is perfectly possible in 3.0. Staff text and system text are two different element types. So if you want a system text with custom style, that's fine - just create your style (by customizing one of the User styles) and apply it to any system text you like. No need to mess with staff text at all if your goal is to have system text. The same text style can be applied to staff or system text and each preserves its qualities (staff text remains staff text and continues to appear on the current part only, system text remains system text and continues to appear in all parts).

As for 2.3.2, what I mean about it not actually working is trying to convert an existing staff text into system text or vice versa, which was what many people assumed the button would do but it didn't. Thus:

1) score for two instruments
2) generate parts
3) add staff text to top staff of score
4) use text properties and enable the System flag
5) view the parts

Result: the text does not appear on the second part even though you enabled the system text. That is, checking the box doesn't magically turn a staff text into a system text. Similarly, If you create a text style with the system box checked and apply it to an existing text, it preserves the system status of an existing system text, but it doesn't convert a staff text to a system text. Conversely, if you created a system text and then used Text Properties to uncheck the box, that didn't cause it to stop appearing in all parts. On these cases and others, checking or unchecking it had no effect at all.

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Applying custom styles to system text is new to me. As I enter new text I can definitely apply the user style as I did in version 2. As for changing text to system text in the score and it not automatically being added to an existing part, I never thought that would happen. I knew I would have to redo parts, which is no big deal. My project isn't yet far enough along to seriously create parts and version 3 parts are so easy to create it wouldn't matter.

The next issue is my existing score. The custom text is always imported as staff text. It ignores the system text setting. I must delete and reenter all of my custom version 2 system text into the version 3 score. I don't see this issue reported. I'll create one if you don't find it.

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What's new is that system and staff text are now different elements types, that's what made the system checkbox obsolete.

Import of system text form 2.x is problematic indeed. Because this was not a separate element type but just a special flag on staff text, we have to convert it on import, but at the point where we read the "staff" tag in the file, we don't know yet whether that flag is set, so we have to hedge and try to look ahead for signs as to whether this will end up being system or staff text. The solution devised only understands the built-in system types; it won't recognize a custom style that happens to have the system tag set. Eventually it would be better to get it from from the actual contents of the style, checking that system flag, rather than depending on the name of the style as we do now. There is even a "TODO" in the source code for that. Pretty sure there is no issue for this, so I do encourage you to submit one.

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