Regression on dynamic signs

• Jul 23, 2014 - 21:53
S4 - Minor

V 2.0 revision b81395e

mf and others replaced by wrong signs like a hand

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I see this as of today on any my scores that have the Dynamics text style set to anything but Bravura Text. This was the case for any scores created using the "Jazz" templates in 1.3 - the Dynamics style was set to MuseJazz, although the Dynamics text style was always ignored so it never had any effect. So any score created from the Jazz templates in 1.3 will show this. But it's reproducible from scratch as follows:

1) new score
2) add dynamic "mp" to first measure
2) change Dynamics text style to MuseJazz (or anything but Bravura Text)

Result: dynamic changes to glyphs representing hands.

In addition, dynamics text style is still not honored as expected, BTW. If you make a change to dynamics text style *after* adding a dynamic to your score, as my steps here do, that is honored. Font changes produce hands, but position adjustments work as expected. However, the next dynamic you add your score will still be Bravura Text at the default position. Only if you then change Dynamics style again will it be applied.

style->text->Dynamics was set on Bavura Text
I changed this to Bavura and it's ok now...

BUT It used to be ok before, I didn't change anything from some scores imported from
1.3 or created with previous releases of 2.0

Thanks for your reply.

I'm struggling to reproduce the bug.

Of course these steps don't work
1) new score
2) add dynamic "mp" to first measure
2) change Dynamics text style to MuseJazz (or anything but Bravura Text)

But it's expected... MuseJazz is encoded as a text font and have m,f,p, etc... encoded in m,f,p... while now dynamics are using SMuFL compliant text font expecting dynamic letter somewhere else... So it's not really a bug to me. We could make MuseJazz more friendly by moving the glyphs.

Is there anything else to this bug report?

Yes, I agree we shouldn't expect it to work already. But since all scores created using the 1.3 "Jazz" templates have MuseJazz set as their Dynamics text font (even though this was never actually honored before), we need to figure out how to handle this.

After discussion on IRC, this is a summary of the options as I see them:

1) In read114, force Dynamics text style to Bravura Text. This is the "quick fix" for 1.3 scores, and makes them behaves like they did in 1.3: dynamics display correctly but in the generic score font as opposed to MuseJazz or any other font. It still won't work to change dynamics fonts to something else.

2) Add SMuFL "m", "f", and other necessary codepoints to MuseJazz so that font works at least, but let other fonts fend for themselves.

3) Change the handling for "sym" elements like "m" and "f" within text to first query the current text font for the appropriate SMuFL codepoint, and if not present, map to the corresponding regular letter in the current text font rather than fall back to ScoreFont (eg, MScoreText or BravuraText). That way, "mf" will actually render in Arial if you set the Dynamics text style to Arial.

I would observe that #1 is not incompatible with #2 or #3 and might be worth considering for maximum compatibility with 1.3 even if we also implement #2 or #3. So 1.3 scores with MuseJazz as their Dynamics font would be converted to Bravura text on load, but it would be possible to then change back to Musejazz, and scores created from 2.0 versions of the jazz templates might actually have MuseJazz for dynamics right off the bat. or I might decide I don't actually like how that looks, which is quite possible :-)

As of 8f0d2b8, there is now a "Musical text font" you specify in Style / General, and this used for dynamics and I guess certain other musical symbols that are rendered as text.

So behavior is now more or less back to what it was for 1.3 - the font specified in Dynamics text style is ignore. Well, it's rather better than 1.3 - at least the size and positioning is honored.

It is possible I will add the necessary glyphs to MuseJazz to allow it to be used as a "Musical text font", but we'll see...