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• Jan 19, 2019 - 17:45

I installed MuseScore 3 on my laptop and met a problem. Dialog boxes are too big. Some dialogs, such as "mixer" and "create new score", exceed the bottom edge of the screen, which makes a few buttons unavailable.

MuseScore 2 does not have that problem because the dialogs are smaller. That's why I'm still using the previous version.

(About my laptop: The operating system is a Windows 10 64-bit. The screen size is 14". The resolution is 1920*1080, and the size of text, apps and other items is 150%, which are both recommended settings and ensure text and windows are properly displayed.)

I guess you have optimized the size of items in MuseScore 3 but apparently it is not suitable for all devices. Hope that you can provide a solution for this. Maybe you can consider rearranging some dialog widgets, or at least adding a scroll bar when necessary.

And thanks for your work!

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I also have this issue, which means that some operations are impossible! I've tried to start MuseScore 3 using the -D option as described elsewhere, but I can't make it work at all - please could someone post detailed instructions on starting from the command prompt for people who don't know how to do it!
Many thanks, Jane

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Thanks for your help, Mr Fox!
Your method works on the "creat new score" dialog, but it won't work on the "mixer".
I can make the "mixer" a little smaller and then it would reach its minimum size, and its bottom is still out of the screen.

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I have also tried to drag the box smaller, but it's already as small as it will go - which is too big! I have now managed to make the -D option work starting MuseScore through the command line, and start the program with everything smaller, but it doesn't affect the dialog boxes.

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I've got the same problem with the Format - Style dialog box. I've tried moving it around, and clicking on the side and top of the box, hoping to make it smaller, but every time I do, the box disappears and the whole program hangs, and hangs my pc too. I can't even exit it! I have to restart my pc in order to continue using it.

Please, can you guys fix the problem? I don't want to adjust the size of everything on my laptop - it's already small enough for my poor aging eyes! All the important things on that Style dialog box, are at the bottom, where I can't access them! I like the automatic placement feature on Musescore 3, so I want to be able to continue using it. I've been using Musescore 2 plus every day for years, and have loved it (although I still have some things on my wishlist for it).

I agree, the new Mixer design is attractive but doesn't scale very well. I have a 28" 4K monitor and the mixer is 30cm/12" diagonal on my screen and obscures far more than it used to.
Mixer too big.PNG
The Musescore 2 mixer panel displaying the same instruments is about 13cm diagonal and occupies than a quarter of the screen area of the version 3 mixer.
Mixer MS2 smallPNG.PNG

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Thanks, neGjodsbol. The mixer can be adjusted small enough when the details are hidden. I think it's the only way to use the mixer for now.
But I have to say it is really inconveniet because I need to change the size of the mixer frequently to fully utilize it. If I unfold the details, the mixer would become too big for my screen again. However, the mixer would not become smaller automatically when I fold the details. That is to say, I have to adjust the size of the mixer everytime I unfold the details and then fold it. Still hope the mixer can be improved.

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But the “details box” is 90% of the time the thing I need… (usually only per-instrument volume and patch is what I need).

It’s also irritating in that it’s not always the same height (try switching between voice and piano and you see what I mean), and even the left-side things like the patch dropdown move, which causes bad visual flicker.

Panels mixer + panel play are too big in Musescore 3.
Also these panels always wants in pre-formatted right corner when dragging at right side op screen.
I prefer to drag them almost out of the screen-size because than I have more space for the score... when I need that panel I drag it back into visual screen size (it saves a few clicks with mouse).
Also when adjusting size these two panels in size..... after restart Musescore they have lost that adjustment, thats irritating.

When load a Musescore 2 score, Musescore 3 ask for correction "automatic placing.....etc".
Every score I load until jet gives that question. >>> And I must manual adjust the score. I hope that is not a standard way?

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May be I'm repeating an issue??
It is about the docking-system:
I prefer the following:
Define something in the preference-settings like:
1) make docking facility on/off with choice-button
2) remember al settings of panels and activate those panels as they where in the previous run of MuseScore

Are there people that think in the same direction?

Same problem here. I posted the bug in a different thread. I can't access the bottom of "Staff/Part Properties" or the bottom of the Mixer. Fortunately for me, so far in both cases, I can do what I need and then hit Enter in lieu of the out-of-reach OK button.

I just discovered I can reduce the vertical size of "Staff/Part Properties" by dragging the top edge down (which nicely reduces the excessive size of the long and short instrument names) and slide the window up to see the OK / Cancel / Apply buttons. MuseScore then remembers this setting, which is perfect for my current needs.

For the mixer, if I minimize/hide the details so only the lower sliders show, I can then reduce the vertical size by dragging the top edge down and slide the window up to see the master gain and part name values. MuseScore does not remember this setting, but I don't have any current use for seeing those values and can live without being bothered by the mixer size problem.

See attached screen shot.

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I've done the same thing with the Mixer but hoped the latest bug update was going to make it into something more user friendly, it didn't. Fortunately, I've only input one song into Musescore 3 and will go back to Musescore 2 for now which suits my needs in a much better way. I'll keep checking for fixes in 3 as it may change the size of the mixer one day. I'm now trying to see if I can copy my song from 3 to 2, haven't worked it out yet though - lol!

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