Mixer panel not always dockable/floatable, depending sometimes full screen enabled or not.

• Jan 13, 2019 - 16:29
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Since this commit: https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/pull/4526/files, the mixer panel can be dockable and floatable. Really good improvment and for the consistence with other panels behaviour. Thanks for this.

With the sames nightlies (eg 7271e04), it works fine with my desktop computer under Windows7.
But, despite many attempts, I am really completely unable to succeed with my laptop under Windows10. It doesn't just work. The blue area is not created by going to the edge of the screen (double-click not works too). In short, it's a failure, and I don't understand why.

mixer 10.jpg

Could this feature be dependent on a version of Windows? (7 vs. 10). Hard to believe? Or, the size of the screen?
Or something else?


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Works fine for me under Windows 10, so it's not that. I also tried maximized window versus normal, no issues there either. I also tried a few variations in terms of whether the Inspector was also visible, whether it was docked, etc, and couldn't get it to fail.

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OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 7271e04

Refuse to work here. Don't understand. See:


Title Mixer panel not always dockable/floatable? Mixer panel not always dockable/floatable, depending full screen enabled or not.

Understood. I need to be in "Full Screen" mode (View ->Full screen) so that the mixer panel can be dockable.

So, in summary, and my understanding of the subject:

1) with some screens (size, here 22-inches, and resolution?, for my desktop computer), the panels - including the Mixer panel - work without the need to be in full screen.

2) with other screens (here, a 15-inches and other resolution?, for my laptop), the Mixer panel only works if the full screen is enabled.
It seems unexpected and at least inconsistent (since eg the Play Panel works without Full Screen), so I leave the issue open. In the meantime, I have found a very good workaround!

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By "scaling" you mean Text size scaling in the Windows control panel?

Yes, at 100 the Mixer panel does finally appear normal-sized! (It still doesn't dock, though)

However, at that setting all the interface text in Musescore and every other program is too small for extended, comfortable use which is why i don't use 100.

If by "scaling" you mean the -D parameter, that screencam movie was done with -D48 and changing the -D parameter doesn't change the screen size of the Mixer panel.

The mixer panel appears to be a vector graphic so it should be possible to have that thing normal sized in any environment, right?

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If I count pixels, the text in the Mixer Panel is pretty close to the setting size.

At "125" it is about 125% of the original size and at "150" it is about 150% of the original size.

The text in the Pallete box at the left tends to be smaller than the claimed size. 117% at "125" and 143% at "150".

However, the graphics in the Mixer Panel behave differently.

A Pan Pot is about 33 pixels wide in both 100 and 125 but is about 67 pixels at 150


With OpenSuse Leap mixer isn't dockable within or without the full screen (play panel is dockable in both modes). Here I notice a different appearance of the panels (mixer seems to have a second title bar (?):


Title Mixer panel not always dockable/floatable, depending full screen enabled or not. Mixer panel not always dockable/floatable, depending sometimes full screen enabled or not.