MS3: problem with transposition

• Jan 20, 2019 - 18:29

I have just about gotten done the very first piece I started 3 weeks ago on MS 3--long time in the making! A lot of start and stop with bugs and a learning curve with the new features. As I am editing it, I decide to change the key signature in the trio from concert G: to concert F:. I highlight the section I want to change, drag the flat from the menu onto the first measure, as usual. The key signature correctly changes from 1 sharp to 1 flat, but the notes remain in G:
I suppose I can play with the notes to lower them to the correct position and it will appear normal, but what if I miss a change from a minor second to a major second? Then I have a hot mess in the final product. This is very frustrating. It should not rationally happen.


Shoichi's method is correct. For further info, dragging a key signature only changes the key signature. This is used a lot in some music.

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I use Chrome, but this was sent from my PC. Yes, it sounds like you already have a fix in the works for this issue, particularly since Steve Sutton reports the same type issue. I'll just delay working on this piece until the problem is remedied.
Thanks for your attention to this!
BTW, what is the fix, JoJo?

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