bottom line--sticking with v2 for a good while

• Jan 22, 2019 - 05:47

I'm very grateful for the hard work in developing v3, but it does not suit my needs in its current form. There are just so many problems it introduced to my score (some of which will need hours of work, others of which seem hard to fix at all until further software updates) that I'll hold off for maybe a half a year and see if v3 becomes as usable as v2 by then. I guess this is my fault for not paying close attention to the "0" in the 3.0 numbering. Again, I do appreciate the efforts and I'm sure it will be great in due course.


Look for 3.1. When 3.0 was preparing for release I objected greatly. Anatoly told me he would make the version 3.1 when I approve of it, we'll see. I publicly complained that version 3 was release and I will post on the General Discussion forum when I find version 3 usable.

When I was working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley we had a saying: "Never buy anything ending in .0."

I'm also sticking with version 2 for as long as I can. In addition to the many problems and unpopular revisions discussed in this forum, a HUGE problem for me is the lack of easy backward and forward compatibility between the versions, which makes trying to work with both of them (which you have to do one way or another if you have a large library of version 2 files, as I do) very confusing and requires numerous revisions and re-learnings. And in my case at least, installing version 3 screwed up my WIndows 10 file associations so I had to find an awkward work around to open MS2 files -- a problem that remained even after I de-installed version 3. Apparently the de-install program didn't re-establish the previous file association for MS2 files, and most of the ways to establish it given in W10 documentation didn't work (though I finally found one that did.)

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You can work with both versions 2 & 3 on the computer at the same time. As far as the association with version 3 is concerned, after version 3 is installed, You can rather easily change it in Windows.

Right click on a .mscz file and choose Open with, then Choose another app. museScore2 should be on the list. Don't choose musescore.exe, that's version 1. You may have to click "More Apps" after you scroll to the bottom of the list. Make sure you check Always use this app... and OK, you have now changed the file association.

If you try to open a version 3 score, you'll get an error saying the file was created in a newer version. Don't ever say to open it anyway, it won't work properly if at all. Open the file from within version 3 if you want to see it's contents since you should still have it on your computer. Also at some point, opening the 3.0.x should let you know 3.1.x is available and you will then be ready to upgrade. You will have to repeat this process for version 3 when you decide to upgrade, but it's not that hard.

Other Operating systems have different methods for changing file associations so someone else will have to explain that.

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