Musescore 3.0.1 -- Cannot change font or font size for chord symbols.

• Jan 23, 2019 - 04:45

In the previous version of Musescore, I could select all chord symbols in my score and change the font and/or font size.
I no longer seem to be able to do this.
Am I doing something wrong, or is this no longer supported ??
Thank you.


In reply to by Russell Ferrara

But to be clear: it can be changed there, it just won't affect existing chords until save/reload, due to that bug. MuseScore 3 now provides two different places to make changes like this - the Style dialog but also the Set as Style button in the Inspector. but both have that bug where existing chord symbols arne't udpated until save/reload. Or, select all chord symbols, hit Reset in Inspector.

I struggled with this 'for modifying a downloaded score, and even the replies didn't help. But then I selected "Style", then "Chord Symbols" (NOT chord symbols text), and changed style from "Jazz" to "Standard".

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