Mid-measure repeat barlines don't playback

• Jan 24, 2019 - 15:08
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by design

write a few measures, put a begin repeat at the beginning, an end repeat at the end, play (IT WON'T REPEAT)


They don't repeat regardless of whether the " :|" button is gray or white (pressed or unpressed, not clear which is which, but neither one produces the repeats).

Since you haven't attached a score with the problem, I'll guess that you dragged a repeat sign to the middle of a measure. This doesn't work. Attach score for a better answer.

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You are correct that I put a repeat inside a measure. I'm attaching the file I'm working on, in which the repeats show some new problems (besides simply not repeating). In Measure 11, the combined score has a repeat that needs to be removed, and it resists all my attempts to remove it. This repeat does not appear in the Flute part or in the Piano part. In Measure 12, there should be a repeat that returns to the beginning of the piece, and another one that refers to the repeat in the last measure (measure 34). The repeat in Measure 12 should be double-sided, like :||: . The piece plays correctly except that it fails to follow any of the repeat signs.

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I have attached a score with some of the fixes in it.

You need to remove the parts to do anything with barlines. What I did next was to insert 2 measures after the problematic measures 11 & 12, selected them and pressed R to copy them into the inserted measures. I then selected the measures with the bad return lines and pressed ctrl+delete to get rid of them and reattached the tie. That was how I fixed what you did wrong.

To insert the returns correctly, I selected the first note after the rest and used Tools->Measures->Split measure... I then added the end return to the first half of the measure and the start return to the second half of the measure. I then right clicked the 1 beat measures, select measure properties and check "Omit from measure count." I fixed the last measure in a similar manner.

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Title Repeats don't repeat in 3.0 Can't delete mid-measure barlines
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Placing repeat barlines mid-measure don't playback, that much is indeed by design. You'd need to split the measure for that.

But that those barlines can't just get deleted again certainly is a bug, and a pretty bad one IMHO, so let's turn this into a bug report about that.