Double time signature after deleting system break

• Jan 24, 2019 - 17:22

There is a part in my music where I no longer want a system break for the time being. When I delete it, the time signature reads double.
I've tried deleting the time signature and adding it in again, but it shows the same thing.
The solution I came up with is to make one of them invisible, however it leaves this awkward gap that is undesirable.

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I have this same problem did you file a bug report and did they give you a fix? I have been doing the same thing with this issue. Making one invisible.

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Just happened again. I am sending you the file that it happened with.

1 added a line break at a time change in the file.
2 removed the line break, time signature show twice
3 saved file and closed
4 reopened file, double time signature still there.
5 reapplied line break time signature returned to end of line, beginning of next line.

this file was originally created using a version of Musescore 2. Have save numerous time with 3.0 and now opened and created issue with the newest

Hope this helps.

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tried making new score then a new part. Unable to duplicate the problem with a 3.0.5 new file.

Apparently an issue with updating previous version files. Thank you for the assistance you provided. I will just continue to use the work around on old files of making 2nd time invisible instead of remaking the files from scratch. This would be the easier option. Thanks

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This problem happens all the time. Perfectly reproducible. (As someone else also reported the steps).
First, have a score with system breaks. Change a time signature after a system break. Then, the courtesy time signature appears at the end of the staves of the previous page. Delete the system break, now the measure where the time signature changes to somewhere in the middle stave. The problem is that it appears as two time signature together. There should be only one time signature. Trying to delete either of them does not work. Delete the time signature and try to reapply a time signature. This brings back two signatures again. Trying to switch off curtesy signature option does not seem to work. If the measure is in the middle of the stave (not at the last measure of the page), the double time signature should automatically reduce to one.

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Yes, there have been other reports, but as far as we know, all the cases where there were reproducible steps have already been fixed as of 3.1 beta (and indeed most were fixed before 3.0.5).

If you are finding you can still reproduce with your particular score using 3.1 beta, please attach it and given us precise steps (eg, tell us which specific measure to add time signature too, which line break to delete, etc).

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