Missing Double Dot Feature in Musescore 3

• Jan 31, 2019 - 23:40

In Musescore 3, a double dot feature is no longer seen in the top toolbar (for i.e double dotted quarter note, etc.). Where may I access it ? Also, I read that 3+ dots will be available in this new version; is this true.


Up to 4 dots are available if you switch to the advanced workspace. There is a drop down under the palettes to do this.

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To be clear: the palettes are normally always open, unless you closed them previously - they are on the left side of your window. Palettes have nothing to do with double dots, though. I guess maybe you found this because you were trying to find the double dot, and that may require switching to the advanced workspac.e but palettes are no longer relevant to changing workspaces, instead use the dropdown menu to the far right of the main toolbar.

Where do I find the double dote? I looked in the master palette and I could not find them anywhere. someone, please tell me where to go. I need to write a score with a double-dotted note.

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I hope I can ask something here regarding those double dots..
I've Windows 10, Musescore 3. I selected "Advanced edited" from top right corner. I didn't see double dots but found them in Master Palette under Tremolos : 2.. 3... 4.... and 6::: dots. Are those it? I dragged that double dot to the Palette on the left of screen. But when I click on them, it places the dots over the note head, and doesn't remove either of the 1/8 and 1/16 rests.

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Those are not the right symbols. The double dots are on the main toolbar, right next to the single dot. If you removed them from you toolbar for whatever reason (the “edited” says you did at least some customization), you can add them back via the edit facility in View / Toolbars.

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