Help with text line core

• Feb 8, 2019 - 19:36

I think i did a bad translation of this string but i am not sure what it means now. The word "core" means that it manages the core propierties of a line?? Why is it named text even if the line does not have text? You can add text with this but even if you dont have text on it the hooks are listed under this section.


The text is optional as you have said. This section is what was in the text line properties in version 2. Perhaps thinking of the word "Details" would lead you to a better translation than "core." The German translation means "Text line."

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Mmmm im not sure i understand. I translated it the first time as "linea de texto" (literal translation of text line to spanish), but the hooks being under the same category confused me. I mean, a line can have hooks but not text, and it would be under the "text line" category?
If "text line" its ok i leave it like that.

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