File path and name in score properties in unselectable and can't be copied to clipboard

• Feb 9, 2019 - 18:49
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All is in title


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Not a bug, possibly a feature request.
It is not an editable field, hence grayed out, not sure whether it is possible make it selecable without making in changable too.

I said I don't know whether it is possible, not that it definitly is not. And I still don't know, need to check whether Qt has provisioning for this.

Well, it is set to readOnly:True and enabled:false
The problem with setting it to enabled:true is that it then pretends to be editable, but is not.
So if we change this (and yes, this would indeed work), I clearly see issues and questions comming about about why it cannot get changed

What do you mean by "It pretends to be editable"? That the user has no immediate visual feedback that he can't change it when readOnly is true and enabled is true as well?
But then let's just change it in QtLabel, would give the same look as the display of file path in LibreOffice, which is nicer than a grey entry field anyway.
A grey entry field makes sense if in some circumstances the text could be enabled, and here clearly it will never be editable that's display only.

This would indeed work.
Wonder whether to use the same for MuseScore Version, Revision and API-Level too.

And you're sure that you don't want to create a PR for this yourself?

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Could be a nice way to start to get involved.
If you could just point me where in the code these specific QLineEdit's are, I haven't found them (by doing a stupid search all in the source files).

Status active PR created

At first I had to search for it too, where looking for some files named 'scoreInfo' or 'scoreProperties' or the like, but it is in 'metaedit.{ui,cpp}'