No sound Musescore 3

• Feb 11, 2019 - 17:48

The cursor is moving through the score but I'm hearing nothing. The volume is turned up in Synthesizer and Play Panel. What to do? I reverted to factory setting but still no go. Running on Windows 10 laptop.


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I'm having the same problem.
I enter a note and nothing happens in terms of sound though the note is there.
When I hit play looks to start playing but suddenly stops before producing a sound or selecting a note (it kind of shimmys)
So the note is not actually playing AND there is no sound no matter which driver i am on.
I also can't see any Midi Devices to select in the I/O panel
I cycled through all the driver settings in I/O with the main speaker outs which work fine with YT videos right now and absolutely none worked.
I have the correct synthesizer file you mentioned #3.
I'm at a loss and ironically I'm trying to make a how to use MS video for my students that relateds to their assignment (now this is cruelly funny).
I tried unistall and reinstall and it just reverted back to all of my old settings...

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@ daviddd55, esp. on Windows, go into your soundcard configuration from Control Panel and ensure that the "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" in the Advanced tab of both Playback and Recording is unticked.
Open Inspector, select notes to check the 'Velocity' settings

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re mike320: It was playing a week ago but one time I started it up a few days ago it wouldn't play. I was trying to set it up to run with Bluetooth but it didn't work at all then. No sounds when I enter a note, and no metronome.
re Shoichi: application are set as allowed, and what to do with the velocity setting in Inspector?

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Shoichi was going in the same direction I was. He was curious if the velocity type in the inspector for notes was changed to user, from offset. If the Velocity number is 0 with a user velocity type, there will be no sound. If the type is offset, then the 0 means there is no change from the dynamic mark. I suspect that's not an issue.

To get Bluetooth to work correctly, you need to turn on the bluetooth device then start MuseScore. Since you're on Windows 10, right click the speaker icon on the task bar and select Volume Mixer and make sure MuseScore 3 is not muted. This sometimes happens when adding other devices.

It is the same in Ubuntu Studio 18.04.1 LTS (64 bit Linux).

I'm working around this with the following procedure:

1) Open the "EDIT" menu.

2) Click on the "PREFERENCES" option.

3) Click on the "INPUT/OUTPUT" tab.

4) Click on the "RESTART ALL SOUND AND MIDI DEVICES" button.

5) Then, click on the "OKAY" button.

Then I can to hear the beautiful music sound (but, with the cursor full out-of-synchro).

BTW: I think it is a very serious bug.

It's not clear to me from the discussion what Bluetooth device the OP is using -- speakers with a Bluetooth connection to a laptop?

Bluetooth is notoriously flakey. But one thing I've found is that it's essential to get a specific message that your driving device (what sends the sound to the speakers) and the speakers are paired, and the message should be both on the driving device (usually a text note saying that the device is paired) and the speaker (usually a voice saying something like "device paired.") Some speakers or earphones won't automatically pair with Bluetooth; you have to either press a special button or press a special sequence of buttons with other functions to enable the pairing.

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thanks jcorelis - it's not a BT problem because BT works fine with any other sound file on the laptop. The internal speaker sound is also ok with everyting but Musescore 3.

As a work around I was able to export the parts from the M3 scores and play as mp3. But they
still won't play in the score itself!

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Ha - I didn't have M3 opened when I checked the mixer sliders, and now it's open the M3 one is there, and muted! And I now have sound. Thanks very much for helping to sort this. I never have had to use the sliders so am not familiar with them. Thanks again, case closed I hope!

Hello, I'm on Linux Mint and I have the same problem, the cursor is moving but no sounds get out of the software. It don't work on Musescore 2 & 3.
I tried to "Restart Audio and MIDI Devices" but it had no effect...

Can you please help me ? :)

I have the same problem, and before anybody give me advice to check the Bluetooth, drivers or other settings on my computer. This is NOT the problem. So far, I just have this mysterious error on one of almost 50 songs so this must be a bug.

The file for one of my songs is OK when I save it, but when I open it again it is silent just as others describe. Playing through the whole song there are sound from some parts and some voices, but I can not see any logic here.

Then when I try to turn on and off some of the solo and mute buttons in the mixer, it suddenly starts to play parts that was silent before and after a while it works perfectly. But then… when I save, close and open the file again it sometime is silent and I have to do the same procedure.

I use Musescore 3.

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Me too. It is definitely a musescore problem. The "play section" is not even blue. Although this does not always happens, it happens a lot of times. Perhaps this version of musescore has a problem with loading the instrument sounds. It is really annoying. I guess that we just have to wait for them to fix the problem.

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