Dynamics - change default colour?

• Feb 16, 2019 - 14:15

I know you can change the colour of a dynamic in Text Properties after it has been entered, but can you change the default colour? (I want to use red rather than blue because it is more prominent)


In version 3 almost everything is easy to change globally. Use the inspector, change the color then press the S to the right of the option you are setting. In version 2, right click the dynamic and select Text Style..., change the color, click OK and all of the dynamics should be set.

Although to be clear - the default color for dynamics, and everything else, is black, not blue. Music is normally not printed in color, although of course you can choose to do so if you like.

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Yes Marc I take your point - traditionally it's always been printed in black because that's all there was, and material changes take a long time to be accepted. However, if you give an amateur choir a score where the dynamics are highlighted in a distinct colour you'll hear a big improvement in their performance. They'll actually see it before they miss it! Thanks for your help though.

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