Possible GeneralUser SoundFont Glitch?

• Feb 17, 2019 - 03:52

So, I'm currently working on an arrangement of Hyrule Castle Indoors from Breath of the Wild, but if you listen to the drums on the last part at the key change, you'll hear some strange misalignment with the hand claps and the bass drum, even though all the notes are quarter notes and fully aligned, and something that sounds like a delay effect on the piano. I don't know if it's an effect of the sustain, or it's another possible glitch in the soundfont, but I know that it shouldn't be there. I'll leave the link here. I hope that this is understandable and that this even the right place for this, but if a

https://musescore.com/user/30066282/scores/5411187 The link to my song.


Can you post, here, the MuseScore file, please???

I downloaded it from the address you give, but... It doesn't have hand claps and/or bass drum into the full score at all!!! So... I think something is missing...

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The "delay" phase of the volume envelope is completely borked in MuseScore's SoundFont engine (a highly modified old version of FluidSynth), and any presets using the delay envelope phase will cause weird voice timing issues. I will file a bug report for this soon and link back here.

For your project, the preset "Bell Tower" in GeneralUser GS uses the delay phase, so changing it to "Tubular Bells" or "Carillon" will work around the issue (it might not be fixed for a few seconds after changing the preset if the previous bell sound is still ringing). Please note that the other bell "Church Bells" also uses the delay phase, so you'll want to avoid that preset as well.

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I want to add:
If a preset consists of two or more instruments, and if there is a delay in one of them, it spreads to the other.

  • Since Musescore's audio playback is the latest feature in terms of importance and priority (I'm sure it should be third in engraving and printing), I think these errors will not be repaired quickly. *

In addition, the Mod. env. params are also corrupted .
(it doesn't work in some places and it works differently than it should be in some places).

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My humble opinion about this point is... It is a shame!!!

If we were in 1980's... It could be reasonable. But, today...

Why a visual look oriented code could perform some "corruptions" into the MIDI playing part? ???

Since the Windows 3.1 age we had had software with this "issues" solved!!! Why not MuseScore? ???

Please!!! I love MuseScore!!! And I thank, from the bottom of my soul, to the development team for this very great software!!!

But... Sometimes... "The forest doesn't let to see the trees"!!!

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I think the reason this bug has gone undetected for so long is because the delay envelope phase is rarely used. Certainly none of the commonly notated instruments use it. Thank you, Inky Reefs, for reporting this. As I mentioned, when I get some time, I will put together a proper bug report so that this can be fixed.

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