• Feb 26, 2019 - 17:36
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To Reproduce:
Create any new score with any anacrustic (‘pick up’) measure.

Proposed solution:
If the first measure is incomplete, count from 0, or take 1 off all the measure numbers.

Versions 2 and 3 both count anacrustic (‘pick up’) measures from ‘1’ (i.e. not 0), while the musical convention is to count them as ‘0’. The docs at suggest that ‘an "irregular" measure is not counted in the measure numbering’ and that ‘Normally a pickup measure is marked as "irregular”, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

MuseScore has the option to ‘Exclude from measure count’ manually, though I doubt that you’ll consider that an adequate solution.



"Exclude from measure count" is the setting to use for an anacuris, and does get used when you create a score with an anacrisis voa the new score wizzard. It's been that way ever since...

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... looking
I changed the status to active because you want it fixed, as do I. An anacrusis, especially when entered using the new score wizard, should be ignored in the measure count.

Thanks both. Jojo, I can’t reproduce what you say:
- "Exclude from measure count" is not an option at the point of creating a score;
- the ’Status bar’ records that anacrustic measure a ‘1’
- if you extract the data it also comes out that way.
For my part, I do suggest that counting anacruses from 0 should be the default.

If you create a new score and tick the box for anacrusis, you get a) a shortened measure and b) it will be excluded rom measure count.
If you change a measure to an anacrusos latwer, you need to do both steps manually

Type Functional Graphical (UI)

Perhaps it's just the ’Status bar’ record that needs updating then? I've just checked on an xml export and it's registered correctly (as 0).

Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion

Thanks for the clarification, Jojo.

The underlying code registers it as measure 0;
The on-score measure numbering registers it as measure 0;
The status bar calls it measure 1.

I find that less than ideal. It's up to the powers that be at MuseScore, of course, but I'd prefer for them all to be 0.

It is possible to exclude any measure from cound, or give it an offset. But MuseScore needs an unambugous internal measure count, and that is what is displayed in the status bar, and that is what you jumpt to using Ctrl+F, and that is the number reported when a score is corrupt. Measures in MuseScore start counting at 1. Measure numbers as shown in the score are different and independant from that.
Also thing section break, what should the status bar show, start counting at 0 or 1 again?
What could be do is to show both measure numbers in the status bar, the consecutive internal/physical/actual and the 'logical' one.

I understand this argument as applied to complicated internal changes which create real ambiguity issues in the bar numbering, but I don’t see that it applies for a simple, initial anacrusis: counting from 0 is just as unambiguous as from 1.

Anyway, just a suggestion. Thanks again for clarifying the different levels in MuseScore.