Just updated to Version Mac OSX quits with unexpected error after loading

• Feb 28, 2019 - 14:13

I just updated to version on my Mac OSX. Whenever I load Musescore 3 it just quits with an unexpected error straight after showing the recent score seclection list so completely unusable.




I have the same problem of Musescore crashing on the recent score list after updating this morning to version from on Mac OS X.

Restoring the older version of Musescore from Time Machine recovered functionality, but updating again recreated the problem. I tried the restore and update process three times with same result.

Responding either Yes or No to the restore previous session prompt makes no difference. Deleting user-installed plug-ins (from versions 2 and 3 -- both exist on my computer) makes no difference.

Crash report is attached.

I can recover functionality by restoring to the previous version, but am reporting the problem here in case it is helpful.

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