Insert other time signatures than the ones in the head/main palette.

• Mar 6, 2019 - 11:11

If I start a new score, I can chose time signature 12/16 for example. But if the score starts off with 4/4 and changes to 12/16 it gets tricky.

In the palette I can chose some different time signatures, but sometimes what I want is not there. How can I get exactly what I want? Sometimes it does not matter too much if I put 2/4 or 4/8, but grouping gets bad in some cases, and it would be nice to be clear about how to play.

In the pic, I wanted 12/16 but did not figure out how to get that. So I had to chose 6/8, which led to having to change the grouping manually all over (and the time signture gives the wrong information about where the beat is).



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