Hemiola rhythm

• Mar 8, 2019 - 22:15

Hello all, I'm trying to notate 4 triplet groupings in the span of one measure of 3/4 time. How do I do this? I'm stumped!


start with the duration of a dotted half note
Ctrl-4 to split it into 4
Then select those 4 rests and Ctrl-3 to make each of them a triplet.

Maybe my math is off, but 4 triplets = 12 notes, which is the exact number of sixteenths you get in 3/4 time without resorting to tuplets inside tuplets, or indeed any tuplets at all. The term "hemiola" is indeed accurate here. I would just enter the twelve sixteenths and call it good. At most, I might conider changing the beaming to be in groups of three using the Beam Properties palette, but honestly I think this will just cause unnecessary confusion.

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