"R" key doesn't propagate slurs in linked staves, and leads to a crash

• Jul 30, 2014 - 18:40
Graphical (UI)
S2 - Critical

Nightly, July 30 "a8f472c" / Windows 7.

Related to this bug report: http://musescore.org/fr/node/28501
Copy and paste works now, but the same function with R key fails. In addition, it reminds this other issue: http://musescore.org/fr/node/27901


1) New score for Acoustic Guitar + standard staff Linked tab staff, 4/4, x Measures
2) Enter some notes and slurs (in Note entry mode, or exit Note entry mode) in the first two measures.
3) Select these two measures
4) Repeat one time or more with R key
Result: no slurs in the tab staff.
R key.jpg

5) Additional aspect: select a measure of the tab staff (a repeated measure, therefore without slur).
6) Press R key
Result: crash

crash .jpg

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Yes, Joachim, I know that a crash deserves a critical status. This is what I usually do.

In this case, it only comes in a second time, and I guess that it is the consequence of the bug itself?

In other words, this is not the operation to repeat that made the crash, but a secondary action that, given the "conflict" between the standard staff (with slurs) and the tab staff (without slurs - the result is the same if you select et repeat both these staves) was likely to end badly!

But we leave with status critical, no problem :)

Everything works fine now :-) Thanks so much. I think this feature (add slurs in note entry mode, in normal staves and in linked staves) will be highly appreciated by the users. It already is for me!