Musescore 3 will crash on opening on mac

• Mar 12, 2019 - 14:09

Hi There
I had installed musescore 3 on my mac and all worked well
I have just updated to the latest release of MuseScore 3 and it opens the front screen and then the last opened screen then just closes.
I have uninstalled and reloaded from scratch but still the same
Any ideas please


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There is no version of MuseScore 3.x that can work on 10.9.5 because the programming library no longer supports it. Sorry. You can continue to use version 2, your scores can open in version 3, you just have to go through MusicXML to import a version 3 score.

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Downloading from the link works, thanks, and I have a working MS3 again. (I’m on Mac OS 10.14.3.)
Previously I was editing and updating a MS2.3.2 file using the previous version of 3 when the new release announcement came up, causing the crash. I completed the edit using 2.3.2, which I keep for such eventualities.

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