Display of MuseScore On PC Monitor

• Mar 14, 2019 - 16:57

The display of MuseScore 3 on the PC monitor is corrupt.
It shows the screen in a GIGANTIC way.
The bottom is invisible.
Therefore one cannot click on one of the bottom line buttons like "OK", "NEXT", etc.
Using the [CTRL -] option doesn't work here either.
How to solve this problem and to get a "normal" display??


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Well the resolution is high and the monitor small, so I think you are at the mercy of the mess high DPI support is in different operating systems. Marc Sabatella knows more about this. He might be able to explain to you better. I don't have a solution for you, unfortunately.

Normally MuseScore can automatically detect your monitor correctly and everything just works, but sometimes for whatever reason this fails (a common case is TV sets connected by VGA). In suh cases, you need to start MuseScore from the command line with the option "-D nnn", where nnn is your monitor DPI.

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I have tried it somewhat. Wasn't successful, probably because I don't the stuff very well.
Then I saw this: "Remember that resetting Windows 10 to factory settings will delete all personal files, apps, classic programs, and Windows settings."
If that is true, then that is NO good.

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Where are you seeing that? No one is proposing setting Windows 10 to factory setting, only resetting MuseScore to factory settings, and the page linked to explains what this does and does not do (nothing even close to what you just described). But in any case, you aren't actually going to do even that, because at the end in step 6 you will use "-D 84" instead of "-F".

So you said you tried it "somewhat". Does that mean you did some of those six steps but skipped others? i order for us to help, you'll have to be more specific about which of those six steps you are having trouble with.

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