Key change at repeat bar symbol

• Mar 15, 2019 - 00:15

I have a piece of music with a key change in the first bar of a repeated section,so the key change symbol is right by the repeat barline. In Musescore 2 the layout is 'repeat bar > new key symbol'. In Musescore 3 this is reversed to become 'new key symbol > repeat bar line', which puts the key change symbol at the end of the bar prior to the first bar of the repeated section. I'm not sure which is technically correct but certainly the Musescore 2 layout seems more intuitive. Is there a workaround for this in MS3?


For the record, the official recommendation from the recognized experts is for key change before, which is why we changed it. The key doesn't change at every repeat, it changes before the repeat. Implying otherwise is misleading and potentially confusing, so to me it's a very sensible recommendation.

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