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• Mar 15, 2019 - 01:00

I am running into trouble with measure length. Most of the measures are a good length, but frequently the last measure is way too long, and sometimes measures are too cramped. I have had a little success with the "add more stretch" and "add less stretch" tools, but with the piece I'm working on right now, I get two options when I use those tools: one makes it as long as the entire staff, and the other makes it 1/3 the size of the other measures.

I am using Musescore 1.3, Revision 5702.

Thanks for your help!


Please share the score you're have difficulties with. Whether on not the last system (could be just one measure) takes the whole width or not is determined by Format > Edit General Style... > Page > Last system fill threshold.

I have now upgraded to, Revision 58dd23d. I imported my piece from 1.3, and the updated program supposedly made any changes necessary to make it compatible. Yet my problem persists.

Someone suggested changing "Last System Fill Threshold", but it didn't seem to do anything.

I hesitated to attach the piece I'm working on because I am an amateur at this; but I am attempting to arrange excerpts of Clair de Lune so they are easier for one of my students to master by our May recital. The first attachment has the measures a standard length, but I wanted two lines and one measure, so I could fit it over the original music.

The second attachment shows the only other option I have found, which makes the last measure fill an entire staff, making it impossible to fit in before the next measure of the original music, which was the second measure on line 3.

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Set the last system threshold to 100%. Last system fill threshold means "what percentage of the max system width should the last system exceed before it is automatically stretched to the max." A setting of 100% should enable you to fully control its size without it stretching itself to span the whole page at some point.

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If you're looking for finer control for the length of the final measures of your piece, consider adding a horizontal frame at the end of the piece.
Don't use measure stretch on those measures (or reset it if you've applied any) except for when you want to change shrink relation of one measure compared to another.
Use the size of the frame to squeeze the measures into the desired length (making the frame wider will shrink the measures).

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