Changing Tempo in a Score

• Mar 16, 2019 - 15:56

How does one find the Tempo setting (not the Tempo Text setting) after a document is created, and where is this documented in the online help?


You either have to change the tempo text or select the tempo text and change the tempo in the inspector (F8). If your looking for an option to ignore the entered tempo, it doesn't exists except in the play panel (F11) and then it returns to what is entered into the score once the play panel is closed. All of this documented under tempo and play panel in the manual. What's not documented is what you cannot do.

To summarize:

  • tempo text is how you set the actual tempo for the score - the permanent tempo that MuseScore will always use by default for this score, that will be used on, that human musicians reading the score will use, etc

  • the Play Panel also has a temporary override in case you wish to to hear the score faster or slower than the real tempo, just for now (eg, to practice along with, to help you hear if your harmonies are correct, to quickly check the repeat roadmap, etc)

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The page he mentions describes both of the methods I mentioned - the permanent/real tempo added via tempo text, and the temporary override via the Play Panel. When you say "so far", if you are using the temporary method, it will last as long as your current editing session. Again, if you want permanent, sue tempo text, that's what it's there for. If you don't want to 8see* the marking in your score for whatever reason, press "V" to make it invisible.

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