Text in title frame misplaced when generating parts

• Mar 16, 2019 - 16:26
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S3 - Major

When making parts for certain instruments, in the full score header I have a composer field on the right side.
This one is placed correctly on first page (left and right side the same indent). The composer text was auto-generated when making the page with the new-page-wizard.

When creating the part (for any instrument) then, in the part the first page has less indent on the rigth side, than on the left side.

I can also see 2 thin blue frames then, that "should be matching", but aren't.
I can manually change the 2nd blue frame with the mouse (and this way reposition the composer name to it's target position).

For information:
I have currently 3 voices/instruments used and 2 pages at all (full score), each part is one single page.


Title Componist misplaced (header) when generating parts Text in title frame misplaced when generating parts

In order to assist, we would need you to attach your score and precise steps to reproduce the problem. When I generate parts, I see the composer exactly where I expect, but I do see the part name positioned incorrectly, until I save and reload. Probably what you are seeing is a similar basic issue, but I'd like to see the score and steps to reproduce in order to be sure.

It is not the part name. It is the composers name, that is misplaced. Attached a small score I was talking about.

Delete the parts, regenerate them. And look at the header with composer name in it.
Or simply look in the existing parts.

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By the way ... this score shows additional layout issues:
- when having a text (with a "Klammer") above a certain note, and this is at the end of the line, the text runs out of the page (on the right side)
- when having the continuous view on, this text is placed inside the staff lines. And the last bars look extremly "compressed". (I do not edit anything to get that, i just change/swap the view)

For me the newly generated parts don't look like the did for you - it's a much closer match - but the title frame is* off a little bit. However, I think I see why - you aren't using the default title frame set up but have instead placed a horizontal frame inside the title frame and then placed the composer name in there, rather than using the automatically-generated composer name directly within the title frame, or adding the composer text directly yourself if you don't enter it when first creating the score.

Any particular reason you used a horizontal frame for this? It should have worked better than it did, but anyhow, the solution here is to just use the normal mechanism for the composer name - entering it in the new score wizard or adding it directly to the title frame.

BTW, it seems the reason it didn't work as expected is that the scaling differs from part to score - it's 1.75 for the score, but back to the default of 1.764 for the parts. This causes the manual setting of the width of the frame to not match. So, it's not necessarily a bug - often, you would want the manual settings to frames to scale with staff size. Other times, like this, you don't. Probably we need a way to control whether frame sizes respond to staff space changes or not, just as we have for text style settings.

Meanwhile, though, the part name issue is definitely real, it is misplaced when you first generate the part (too low in the frame), fixed on reload. This happens whether or not you also have a horizontal frame in the mix.

It is indeed true that text is allowed to run off the page, it's up to you to position it in a way where this doens't happen. Some day autoplace could potentially be extended to do something about this for you. See #278898: Auto placement of text ignores page margins.. As for continuous view and staff spoacing, see #282579: Continuous view needs space for lyrics. Currently also by design, but definitely room for improvement some day. But your issue does seem different, not sure why the text line overlaps. Please open a new issue for that.