fingering collides with "3" from triplet - 3.0.5

• Mar 17, 2019 - 19:47

Is it still something unhandled by autoplace or a bug?


I believe tuplet numbers don't participate in the skyline algorithm, so are not avoided by other elements. At least I've seen collisions of a triplet number with a slur

Tuplets are added to the skyline so they affect layout of things that come afterwards (eg, things that are laid out further from the notes), but we don't currently do anything to avoid the things the come before - fingerings, staccato/tenuto. The slur issue is a bit different, here the issue is that slurs o their collision avoidance by going segment-by-segment, but the tuplet numebr & bracket do not belong to any particular segment.

There's a couple of other layout glitches with tuplets that make me think it would be worth someone's time to try to deal with them all together. See for instance #285802: strange placement of tuplet number in cross-staff tuplets, #285636: Tuplet numbers: irregular vertical placement, #280472: Tuplet brackets won't slope

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