Adding a 2nd Voice Above the Melody

• Mar 19, 2019 - 04:12

I have a melody that has all stems pointing down.
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I would like to add a 2nd voice above that melody with its stems pointing up. For example, I want to add a C above the first note in the score. While in the Note Entry mode, I clicked on the number 2 in the toolbar but apparently that makes my melody the 2nd voice. It also added some rests in the measure as you can see:
Add 2nd Voice Above 2.jpg
I think maybe I'm doing it wrong. Is there some way that I can add a 2nd voice without making that 2nd voice the melody? I am attaching the entire score in case it might help.
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You should enter the stem up notes in voice 1, stem down in voice 2, then everything works automatically. So, start by fixing the notes you've already entered - select the passage, press Ctrl+R to reset the stem directions back to default, then Tools / Voices / Exchange Voice 1-2 to move that to voice 2 (next time, just enter it there to begin with, stems will do the right thing automatically). Now you can enter the upper part in voice 1.

Btw, pressing a voice button while not in note input mode does indeed selected notes, but not as reliably as the method I gave. The way to enter notes into voice 2 is to press the button while in note input mode.

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