Prima volta not working

• Mar 25, 2019 - 19:13

In the attached file, I expect MS to play until the 1.repeat, in bar 20, then jump to the beginning and play until bar 18 then take 2.repeat. Instead it jumps to bar 23 right before 1.repeat. Any ideas?

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El cuarto de Tula copy.mscz 25.16 KB


There's no start repeat to match the end repeat in bar 20. If your goal is to repeat to the beginning and skip the volta 1 measures the first time, then you need to get rid of the voltas and the repeat in mesure 20. Change the D.C. at measure 20 to D.C. al coda (use the palette, don't just edit the text). Put a To Coda in the measure before the volta and a Coda sign where volta 2 is.

How can I get MS to play all the repeats just as if it was the 1st time, after a D.C.? It goes right through them the 2nd time..

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