Customer service - unresponsive

• Mar 25, 2019 - 23:36

My 15 year old daughter signed up for the free 30 day trial for a school assignment. She contacted customer service to on the due date to cancel the subscription and they still charged her the $49. She explained she was 15 and does not have that kind of money. She also explained that she contacted MuseScore on the date she was told. She keeps getting an automated response saying she didn’t cancel before an 11am deadline on the due date. That does not seem reasonable given her age and her good intentions to cancel on the correct due date. I’ve contacted customer service myself and got the same exact automated response. Is there any way to speak to a human? I feel a manager or person would understand and not charge this young student. Is there anyone who has ever reached a person by phone?

Regards, Lorraine


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We have used that link and sent 3 requests to talk to someone or to get a refund and we just keep getting the same automated response. is it really impossible to speak to someone when a transaction does not feel appropriate?

Thanks for your response. I just feel badly for my daughter because she truly contacted them on the due date and this was such a surprise.

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