Time Signatures

• Mar 28, 2019 - 19:52

Hi, as the subject says, this is about the time signature. I've seen other people's pieces, and their signatures are only on the first measure. Mine doesn't do this. It has a time signature on the beginning of every staff. If I delete one, they all delete. That is my problem. How can I fix it?


Hmm, hard to say without seeing the score (in general, it's best to always attach your score when asking for help), but my guess is that you are confused about staves versus systems. It's normal to only have a time signature on the first system, but if your system consists of multiple staves (like, music for multiple instruments has one staff for every instrument, or music for piano has a staff for each hand, etc), it's absolutely normal for each staff on the first system to have a time signature. And indeed, you wouldn't want it otherwise - or more particularly, the people reading the music wouldn't want it otherwise.

Guess I'll join all the others in confessing that "I'm mightily-confused here." On the one hand, you say that "their time-signatures are only on the first 'measure.'" But then, you complain that they are on "every 'staff.'" Pardon me, but ... "what's the difference?" Doesn't every "measure" live upon a "staff?"

So – "of course, I must be misunderstanding you, and for this i apologize in advance." Might you please reply now, attaching an actual score? Thanks.

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