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• Apr 3, 2019 - 13:28

On the advice of a contributor ( )
In version 2.3.2. and 3 the dot to dot distance is 0,50sp. It is not correct because they are too close together. In music publishing this distance is 0.60sp so I recommend making the necessary changes. Go to Style/General/Notes and set dot to dot distance to 0,60;
Format/Style/Notes and set dot to dot distance to 0,60.

If you agree on this consideration maybe the default value could be changed.


That probably be an easy one-line change (not sure whether any mtests or vtests need to get adjusted), for MuseScore 3. Question is whether to also change the default of imported 2.x scores? And 1.x scores too? They all have 0.50sp being the default.

The note-to-dot distance is 0.35sp, so should the dot-to-dot distance be 0.70sp? Or the note to dot distance 0.30sp?

Does Gould say anything about this?

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My extensive specialist library consists of four volumes. 'Mastering MuseScore' and 'Copista di musica digitalizzata'. ;-)

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Gould suggests equal spacing, although it's not obvious if she just means, between the dots in triple/quadruple dots, or also between dot and notehead. Her examples seem to suggest the latter.

It seems the note-to-dot distance is measured as we would expect - from the right edge of the notehead to the left edge of the dot, so 0 means just barely touching. But the dot-to-dot distance is calculated from left edge to left edge, so 0 means complete overlap. That's kind of crazy, but it's how it was in 2.3.2 as well, so changing it at this point is probably not a good idea even though it might seem that way.

Assuming we leave that algorithm alone, probably a good value is 0.35sp plus the width of the dot, but that's not a style setting - the dot is a fixed character in the music symbols font. So unfortunately it means guesstimating.

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