Soundfonts with different paths.

• Apr 3, 2019 - 15:36

Hi, I have two computers with MuseScore 3.
The soundfonts paths are:
Computer 1: C: \ Users \ Susana \ Documents \ MuseScore3 \ SoundFonts
Computer 2: C: \ Users \ Angel \ Documents \ MuseScore3 \ SoundFonts

If I make a score on computer 1, I load a soundfont, I click on "Save to score" and I take the score to the computer 2.
Would it have to load the soundfont when you click on "Load from score" or there would be problems with having the soundfont a different path?

(I have problems, it doesn't load).



this doesn't really load the soundfont into the score (that'd make the scire way to big), just its path, so seems your observation is right.
Don't Save to score, just make sure both computers have the same soundfont installed listed as their default in their Synthesizer

If the soundfont exists in the soundfont path in Edit->Properties->Soundfonts on both computers there should be no problems.

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I'm teaching a MuseScore 3 course. I've put in an exercise on soundfonts. Of the seven scores of the students only one has loaded the sounds correctly when I clicked "Load from score" and we all have the same soundfonts but in different paths.

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It is important that the soundfonts be in the path located in the Edit->Properties->Soundfonts path on each system. This is where MuseScore looks for soundfonts.

On additional note. If someone already has the soundfonts in a different location, you can copy the path to the soundfont (not including the file name), put a ; (semicolon) at the end of the path in preferences, then paste the additional path after the ;

This will add an additional location for MuseScore to look for the soundfonts. I use this so I only need one copy of the soundfonts I used in version 2.

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BUT... As an additional note, the user HAS TO HAVE the soundfont files in all the used computers with MuseScore.

If some soundfont file isn't in the computer "n" (whatever the number you like)... MuseScore will not to look for into the web for the missed soundfont!!! MuseScore will use the soundfont files present in that computer (according to the "Preferences" patch), ONLY.

There is not any kind of "magical" way to tell MuseScore automatically look for some specific soundfont in our computers and, if it isn't there... To look for into the web.

Even more... I don't think it should be implemented (because there are a lot of soundfont files with... HUGE sizes and... the Internet connections not always are enough fast to get it in just a second).

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