Concert pitch warning

• Apr 5, 2019 - 13:44

It is very easy to forget to switch off a function concert pitch. It may cause wrong graphical output and wrong realisation on concert. Please is possible to allert warning for any graphical outputs (printing and graphical exports), that the concert pitch is on (when it is)?


I just tripped over this as well.

Is it always invalid to export parts with Concert Pitch enabled?

The handbook seems to imply it should never be done, but doesn't really say it's invalid.

If it is invalid, it should not be allowed to happen. For example, just pop-up a dialog that says the concert pitch is enabled and must be disabled before the export can take place.

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Fair enough, just wanted to be clear that it is a legitimate operation before continuing per below. I suppose I might want to see at least the score in concert pitch, so that might be a reason to export in concert pitch.

One other thing I noticed when accidentally exporting parts with concert pitch enabled: the score was displayed and exported in concert ptich (e.g. key of Bb throughput) as expected, and the trumpet parts were displayed in their key (C) on the parts tabs of the UI. But, in the exported pdf the trumpet notes were shifted to concert pitch using accidentals. I would have expected it to give me what was on the UI (preferred), or at least just use the key of concert pitch instead of accidentals -- then I would have also noticed concert pitch was enabled. Is this the expected behavior?

Perhaps this is part of the bug mentioned by mike320.

It would be good that the warning allert would have buttons with offet to solve the problem: [To switch off] and [let it be on]. Maybe if someone needs similars with empty staves and so on...

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