Make Concert pitch button tell you its current state

• Jan 30, 2019 - 17:51
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Currently, the state of the concert pitch button is confusing. There have been a number of discussion on this, see for the latest and a list of related discussions.

I suggest one of two fixes be employed for this

  1. Change the toggle button to a drop down like Page View/Continuous view so it will say Concert pitch and Transposed pitch. This is the preferred method.

  2. Change the text you get when you hover over the button to tell you what will happen if you click the button. When Concert pitch is on make the text say "Click to show transposed pitch" and "Click to show concert pitch" when it's off.


I don't mind the toggle button as long as it is VERY clear whether or not it has been activated.

Also, with the Dark theme, it is even less likely to see if Concert Pitch is activate, since the 3D / embossed effect for the button is almost completely lost. It is more confusing when one uses the other buttons for reference. E.g. all buttons to either side of "Concer Pitch" get a blue fill to indicate that they are active. This button gets none of that..

(I am not sure if it is possible to have different tool tips based on the state of the button)

Title Make Concert pitch button tell you it's current state Make Concert pitch button tell you its current state

Fix typo in issue title.

I've thought from the very early days that the "Concert" button could do with drastically changing colour when 'in concert' rather than transposed mode. I suppose that's a bit difficult to programme tho' it would make it startlingly obvious which mode 'you' are working in. Alternatively (again I have zero idea as to programming headaches) could it not say "CONCERT" and then when 'pressed' TRANSPOSED? Least that would make it very clear. And I agree whole heartedly with a comment above about the 'dark mode'.