Discrepency between main score and Baritone part

• Apr 8, 2019 - 17:17

I've cut down my score to include it here.

As you'll see from the main score, the baritone sax. is in the correct key (4#s) and written in treble clef. However when you look at the baritone part it is in the correct key (4#s) BUT written on the bass clef. Any clues as to how to correct this? The concert pitch button puts the treble clef in but changes the part to the wrong key.

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Thanks again Mike - for the bad news :-(
aghhhh. But it is just in the baritone part. The trumpet/sop sax parts are fine...and they are transposing instruments. Odd that the bug only targets Eb instruments. Damn I was going to print out the parts this week and give them to the band at rehearsal to see how it "worked" with real instruments and 'umans

ps do you have any views/workarounds on my earlier question re 4 bar drum repeats? https://musescore.org/en/node/287379

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Normally, the tenor sax is transposed when you look at it without the concert pitch button pressed. Your part has the 8 below the clef, so you have the same problem as with the bari sax. The bass has the same issue as the tenor sax. I only suggested that you delete all parts and redo them because I think that's the easiest way. No need to change part names and check instruments to add to parts and then move them up or down the list if you want them the same order as the score.

In regards to the other one, I'm not familiar enough with drum notation to know if that would make sense to a drummer so I chose silence as my best advice.

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Thanks Mike. Something I've thought from the very early days is that the "Concert" button could do with drastically changing colour when 'in concert' rather than transposed mode. I suppose that's a bit difficult to programme tho' it would make it startlingly obvious which mode 'you' are working in.

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At the risk of being a major nuisance, how do I get the Tenor Sax to have a 'plain' treble clef (rather than with the 8 below the clef) when in concert / transposed mode and the baritone to be likewise? I can't see a way to do it.
I have started again btw and deleted the previous score entirely and called up the previous version.

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You can change the clef in concert pitch mode however you like. But I think you'll be pretty disappointed with how your concert scores looks if you try putting the tenor and and bari staves in treble clef - they'll be mostly on ledger lines way below the staff. That's why we use the treble-8 and bass clefs by default.

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Hi Marc
I realise that creating the parts only takes a few seconds. Its the formatting of each part so that it is easy to read for the players that takes the time. eg. I (and they) like repeat sections to start at the beginnings of lines and end at the end of a line. Change of key at the start of a new line etc etc. And then there is the fag of taking auto placement off lots of individual items etc.. (that's not a complaint btw, I love the programme even if MScore 3.0.5 is beginning to wind me up a bit.)
And thank you for all the help and assistance that you and tons of others give to folks like me.

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Sure, I get that on some scores, there might be time needed for this. But this particular score didn't seem to have any such issues, it's only a few bars long. Or maybe this is only an excerpt?

Not sure why you'd need to disable autoplace on any of these elements, btw. In general, the feature is there because its occasionally useful, but it shouldn't be needed very often at all for most scores, and I can't see that it would be needed at all on this one. Seems you've disabled it here and there but I can't see any reason for it. But if this is just an excerpt, maybe there is somewhere else that you need to?

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