Tam-tam sounds nothing like a gong

• Apr 6, 2019 - 00:17

Whenever I try to compose with a tam-tam, it never creates a gong sounds. Does anyone know of any existing sound fonts that have a proper tam-tam sound? Or, does MuseScore have the sound and I missed it?


Unfortunately, the old Standard MIDI official list of instruments, forgot this beautiful sound.

As MuseScore uses the normal Standard MIDI soundfonts... We cannot to use it, directly.

But... Today, there should be some soundfont file with this sound... Somewhere in the web!!!

if you find some... Please, LET US KNOW!!!

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Put the soundfonts into the folder identified in your preferences (edit->Preferences->General->soundfonts).

View the synthesizer and click the add button to add the one(s) you want to the Fluid tab
I suggest that you use the arrow button and move it down the list so all of your instruments will not sound like a gong.
Open the mixer and find the instrument you want to assign the sound to and uncheck drumset.
Look for the Gong&Cymbal sound in the list and assign it to that instrument

You will now have the new sound for the gong (tam-tam).

To make this change permanent for all scores click Set as default. These settings for the synthesizer will then always be used

To save these settings only to the score, click save to score. The synthesizer settings will be saved to the score. Anytime you want to use them, you will need to click Load from score and these settings will replace the current settings in the synthesizer for all scores until you close the program or load another set of synthesizer settings.

To be clear. Only one set of synthesizer settings can be loaded at a time and they will affect all scores that are opened until the settings are changed or the program is closed and reopened.

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The "Great Gong" font sounds absolutely awful. It sounds like all the brass played together with a cymbal hit and also someone in the audience farted.

Also, both soundfonts just get covered by other soundfonts, and replace the sound of any pitched instruments with pitched gongs. So they're pretty useless.

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I'm not sure what "great gong" soundfont you might mean, but regarding the second part of your comment, if you are seeing a new soundfont replace sounds of other instruments, that would suggest you added the new soundfont to the beginning of the list rather than the end. Just make sure to add it at the end and select the sounds from it where desired in the Mixer.

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Did you edit your post, then? As of this writing, the one above says nothing about making sure you put the new soundfont at the end of the list. Are you positive you did that?

If so, can you tell us the exact order of the soundfonts you have loaded, as shown in View / Synthesizer? And can you then attach the score with the problem? I promise this works in general, we've all done this thousands of times.

FWIW, I checked the soundfont in the Google Drive folder, and it definitely seems to be sampled from an actual gong, but not one that was struck by someone who knew what they were doing, plus it seems very highly processed. The other one there likes it was sampled from a different gong. Neither was "warmed up" first that I can tell, hence the unconvincing sound.

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